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Making progress towards your goals shouldn't mean adding stress.

With Enlighten, you can create the right plans for your life. You can develop personalized plans tailored to your unique goals, making your path to wellness truly yours. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer options for everyone, including natural weight and wellness plans for your preferences and lifestyle. We all have different needs, preferences, levels of health, and various life circumstances. Adhering to a generic restrictive doctrine makes little sense. With us, you'll decide what works, what doesn't, and the best path forward. You'll create personalized nutrition, fitness, and wellness plans. You'll choose healthy and practical actions, practices, and routines that move you forward. We'll give you plenty of great options, and you'll create your personalized plan. You always have the option to adjust and modify as you see fit. Personalized plans allow you to make daily life more enjoyable, create more balance, and progress toward your goals.

Your plans will evolve to one extent or another. You'll be looking at the big picture. You'll consider how you eat, live, work, connect, and relax, among other things. You'll also consider your unique tastes, style, and circumstances. The day-to-day is where you will operate. Creating healthy actions, habits, and routines will be the foundation of your plans. Instead of focusing on a singular factor, Enlighten provides a comprehensive approach to weight and wellness.

Create your personalized wellness plans

Get started with your first personalized wellness plan.

Create weight and wellness plans based on your preferences and lifestyle

Lose weight on your terms, at your own pace without extreme diets or excessive workouts

Learn the life skill of natural weight and wellness

It's not hard to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week with moderate healthy lifestyle changes. It's unnecessary to overwork with intense exercises and strict diets to reach your goals. Research shows that people with gradual, steady weight loss are likelier to keep the weight off than people who lose weight quickly.

Creating personalized weight and wellness plans allows you to consider your daily routines, practices, and preferences. You can adjust your current lifestyle to set your own pace. Personalized plans are vital tools for reaching your goals in less time and effort.

Create enjoyable lifestyles that help you reach your goals faster. Weight challenges don't have to be complicated and exhausting. Learn the life skill of natural weight and wellness. Create natural lifestyles. Boost your well-being. Make progress towards your goals. Develop a skill that will serve you for life.

Join the community and get support to reach your goals faster

Find friends and connect. Get answers to your questions. Join groups that build relationships and help you progress. Unite with members around interests or goals. Join challenges to drive change. Do everything or nothing. It's all up to you.

man in white shirt carrying girl in gray shirt
man in white shirt carrying girl in gray shirt
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woman sitting on white, red, and black striped mat on top of stand
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silhouette of man jumping on rocky mountain during sunset
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man exercising on field during daytime
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woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt carrying girl in blue and white dress
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a group of people sitting around a table eating food
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Take short lessons at your own pace. Make minor adjustments to your lifestyle. Get results that last. It's a concise course built for action.

Connect with a supportive, like-minded community. Make friends and build relationships. Get support to reach your wellness goals quickly.

Find companies and services that make weight and wellness easier. Add your favorite new finds to your routine.

Enjoyable lifestyles

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Why you'll like Enlighten

It's effective

Healthy, natural lifestyle changes are among the most effective ways to boost your health and wellness. Enable your biology by working with it, not against it. There's no need to overwork to get the results you want. With the proper knowledge, you can move quickly toward your ideal weight and wellness.

It's transparent

Connect with people and share information freely. We thrive on transparency, and it's one of the factors that sets us apart. Share what you like or don't like, what works or what doesn't work. We can all progress faster when working together in an open environment. Enlighten provides tools for free association and open communication.

Its delicious foods

Eating clean, delicious, nutritious foods is luxurious. Life gets better when you move away from foods devoid of energy and filled with toxins.

It's enjoyable

Do what you like and what works best for you. You can progress toward your goals at the comfortable level of your choice.

Fad diets and trends are typical but seldom work long-term. With Enlighten, you build knowledge to foster long-term success.

Its toxicity reduction

It's easy enough

It's personalized

Its stress reduction

You can lose weight without extreme diets or excessive workouts.

It considers your tastes, styles, and circumstances. You can build a lifestyle that works for you and your circumstances.

Stress has an immense impact on physiology. You'll have many options to explore and determine what works best for you.

Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere in today's environment. Enlighten will shed some light on those hidden toxins and help you reduce your exposure.

Its flexibility

Its simplicity

It can bring more balance to your lifestyle. It works on your mindset, well-being, and overall lifestyle, as well as your nutrition and hydration. Adjust your lifestyle for more balance as necessary.

Its balance

We are all unique, with different circumstances, experiences, and preferences. You can choose from many food options, movement choices, and lifestyle flexibility. There are no one-size-fits-all plans for everyone. Everything is always optional here.

Its long-term success

Complete short lessons. Work at your own pace. There's no need to complete all the lessons. You can start working towards your goals today. Enlighten is great for adults of any age and experience. With us, you can learn quickly by doing and experiencing. We operate in the real world, not the digital.

There's no calorie counting, points, weighting food, or complex food preparation.

It's practical

Natural foods and therapies are cornerstones of our health. Enhance your well-being by using the safe, biologically appropriate resources of the earth, sun, air, and water. Grounding in a field, relaxing in a salt bath, or sweating in a sauna can all work wonders.

Its clarity

It's natural

Our lesson structure makes finding the essential information easy and saves time.

There's no endless data entry on your phone or computer. It's usually beneficial to spend less time on your devices, not more. Enlighten is built for the real world.

It's budget friendly

It's screen-time friendly

Our pricing can accommodate the tightest budgets. We can also show you ways to save money on groceries, supplements, and wellness services. We aim to make health and wellness more accessible to everyone.

Its lasting value

It's sustainable

Eating clean, whole foods and using natural products is healthy for people and the earth. Our platform empowers you to develop an enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle and create a greener world.

We build natural weight and wellness skills to serve you for life. You can create more personal autonomy.

Support and accountability can propel you toward your weight and wellness goals. Studies predictably indicate that they can significantly impact your progress. Find the support you need in the Enlighten Community.

It's supportive

It's comprehensive

Our course, community, and resource guide help create healthy, well-rounded lifestyles. These tools can help build a healthy lifestyle, the foundation for improving health. How we think, live, work, eat, drink, relax, and interact with our environment all play important roles.

Your weight and wellness plans will evolve based on your life. You can change your plans anytime you want. You can make weekly, monthly, or seasonal plans. Whatever works best is up to you. Your plans are evolving and dynamic. There are no static plans here. Weekly plans work well and usually make the most sense, but you can change your plan whenever it makes sense.

Its dynamic plans

Enlighten is designed for adults from all walks of life.

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